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March 27, 2024
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Introducing you to our practice and the treatments we offer.

Hello, and welcome to our new blog. We hope that you will find some useful information over the coming months and years as we post regular blog posts about many of the treatments that we offer. In addition to this, we will also be looking at general oral health issues, including gum health, missing tooth replacements and dental anxiety amongst others. We are always happy to cover topics that you, our patients would like to know more about too, so please do get in touch if you have any suggestions.

In today’s blog, we thought we would give a brief overview of some of the treatments that we provide at our Witham dentist. We will cover most of these in more detail in the coming months, but for now, we hope that this brief introduction will whet your appetite to become a regular reader.

General dental care

There are two main areas of general dentistry; preventative and restorative. Preventative dental care largely revolves around ensuring that our patient’s oral health is monitored on a regular basis. This is usually carried out every six months or so. Another important service that we offer is that of the hygienist. Appointments with our hygienist will help to keep your gums in good health and also provides an opportunity to look at ways you can improve your oral health at home.

Where problems do occur, such as tooth decay, we have a range of treatments that can be used to restore a damaged or infected tooth. These include dental fillings, crowns and root canal treatment amongst others.

Teeth whitening

If you mention cosmetic dentistry to people, the treatment they are most likely to mention is teeth whitening. This has become a widely used cosmetic dental procedure that has been popularised by TV celebrities amongst others. We use the highly successful Enlighten teeth whitening treatment which is fully customised for comfort and safety as well as allowing patients to choose from a range of whiter shades. Some patients opt for as white as possible, while others prefer a more subtle improvement to the colour of their teeth.

Dental implants

Everyone dreads the thought of losing a tooth, or teeth, especially if they are in a visible area of the mouth. For a long time the only viable option to replace a missing tooth was a denture, or in some cases, a bridge. For many people, this has proved to be less successful than they hoped, with some dentures becoming unstable over time. Dental implants offer a much stronger and highly stable tooth replacement method that allows patients to carry on as normal, providing a secure replacement tooth that allows you to eat what you want without any concern at all.


Orthodontics, or dental braces, have sometimes had a poor reputation due to their being highly visible when being worn. Traditional ‘train track’ braces can also lead to problems with tooth decay as food sometimes becomes trapped in the wiring. However, the modern orthodontic systems used by our Witham team have neither of these issues. The Invisalign system that we use is almost invisible and is also removable when you eat and when you clean your teeth. This makes it both a discreet and convenient way of straightening crooked or uneven teeth.

Smile makeovers

The term ‘smile makeover’ which is widely used in cosmetic dentistry is not a specific treatment but consists of one or more treatments that are designed to give you the best smile possible. For example, someone who has crooked and discoloured teeth might be advised to have orthodontic treatment followed by a teeth whitening procedure to totally transform their smile. Our initial consultations are an excellent place to discuss your personal smile requirements and we can then put an action plan into place.

Skin treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is great for improving the way that a patient’s teeth look and to help improve their smile, and often their confidence with it. We can now help you to improve this even further with a selection of skin treatments including anti wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers to plump up those thinning lips. Our team of highly trained clinicians are here to help you have younger looking and smoother skin.

Dental anxiety

We recognise that visiting a dentist isn’t much fun for a lot of people, but some find it much more challenging than others, sometimes to the point where they simply don’t go. This will almost certainly have disastrous consequences for their oral health. To help with this, not only do our team of dentists offer a friendly and relaxed approach to oral care, but for very anxious patients, we also offer sedation. This will not put you to sleep as ‘dental gas’ of old would have done, but induces an extremely relaxed state that makes it possible to have treatment for those for whom it may otherwise not have been possible.

We hope that you have enjoyed this brief introduction to some of the treatments that we offer here. We look forward to delving deeper into some of these treatments in our upcoming blogs.

If you would like to get in touch with us, whether for dental advice or to book an appointment to see a dentist or hygienist, please either use the contact form on our website or call Blake Dental today on 01376 501688. We look forward to your call!

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