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We provide high quality treatment in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment. We are a forward thinking and innovative family owned dental practice located in Witham.

Our patients are at the heart of what we do

We understand that your needs differ. Our plan was created after consulting with many of our patients about what they want from their dental plan.

Promotes good oral health

Research shows that preventive dentistry delivered on a regular basis greatly reduces the risk of dental and gum disease. It provides a platform for a lifetime of improved oral health. Joining this dental plan promotes the best possible oral health and reduces the need for potential future treatment.

Effective budgeting

With our dental plan you get peace of mind that all of your preventive dental care is covered by affordable monthly payments. Our plan covers the cost of your dental check-ups, your hygienist appointments and your dental emergencies (at home and abroad). You also get 10% off the cost of any subsequent dental treatments.

There are no hidden charges and all benefits are clear.

Other plans and insurance can often have hidden charges, only subsidise part of your care or keep you waiting for months to get reimbursed.


What does our plan include?

Our Dental Plan costs Β£19 per month and covers:

β€’ 2 dental check-ups a year: 6-monthly full dental check-ups which include oral cancer screening

β€’ 2 hygienist appointments a year: 6-monthly hygiene appointments to promote healthy teeth and gums

β€’ 1 emergency dental appointments a year: For peace of mind we have included an emergency appointment

β€’ All of the x-rays that you need: There are no hidden costs, all of your x-rays are included in the plan

β€’ 10% off dental treatments: You get an exclusive discount on dental treatments however this does not include specialist treatments such as dental implants and orthodontics

β€’ Guaranteed registration with our practice and continued access to your dentist

β€’ Worldwide dental emergency cover: From the Worldwide Emergency Assistance Scheme with a membership card with 24-hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home and abroad.

In an emergency

Your worldwide emergency cover included in this plan is 24 hours, 365 days a year. The Worldwide Emergency Assistance Scheme will endeavour to find you an English speaking dentist.

Your dental appointment and any necessary treatment will be covered (up to the cover limits)

More details available by request.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please speak to any member of our team, who will be happy to talk about our plan with you. Call us on 01376 501688 to speak to Reegan or Contact Us

How do you join our plan?

It’s quick and simple to join our dental plan. You just need to complete a registration form and a direct debit mandate in practice and we can sign you up

there and then. There is an initial registration fee of Β£10 that is included in your first Direct Debit payment.


01376 501688

Away from home helpline:

(UK) 0800 525631

(Abroad) +44 1747 820841

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