Restore Your Smile With The Latest Dental Implant Restorations

Are you tired of dealing with troublesome dentures? Do you have missing teeth and long to feel confident about your smile once again? 

At Blake Dental we offer what many consider to be the best treatment for missing teeth currently available - dental implants. 

Dental implants are a permanent solution for one, multiple or even entire arches of missing teeth. They can help you to regain your smile function and aesthetic in a way that can drastically improve your quality of life. 

If you want a strong, beautiful smile without having to compromise with dentures, it’s a great time to talk to our experienced team about dental implants. 

Why Dental Implants?

Most people choose implant treatment because they want a smile restoration that gives them the closest possible alternative to natural teeth. 

Implants allow you to avoid the embarrassment or discomfort associated with dentures whilst allowing you to use your teeth in the way that you used to. They completely restore your smile function as they are totally fixed in place, so unlike dentures there is no need for removal and messy cleaning.

You can simply eat, talk and clean them just like you would natural teeth. You can even eat crunchy fruits, crusty breads and delicious crisp salads again, without having to worry! 

Compared to any other option, dental implants truly are the most realistic, long-lasting, solution for patients who want the joy of a complete smile again. 

Key Implant Benefits:

  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for one or multiple missing teeth
  • Attractive
  • Fixed and secure
  • No need to remove at night
  • Restores full functionality
  • No impact on speech or eating habits
  • Helps reduce jawbone loss and preserve facial structure

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are precision titanium “rods” that replace the missing tooth root. 

These innovative devices are placed during a pain-free procedure and allowed to heal so that when the time comes to use them, they are incredibly strong and secure. 

Once they have bonded to the jawbone they can support a realistic looking crown, implant-supported dentures or an implant-supported bridge. 

Implants are favoured over other solutions because they restore more than just the area above the gum line. The tooth root replacement helps to keep your remaining teeth in place, and helps avoid the absorption of the jawbone; a common cause of premature ageing of the face. 

Instead, complete smile function and beauty is restored and protected in a way that is far superior to other restoration types. With this treatment you really can smile with confidence once again!

Dental Implant FAQs

Is everybody suitable for dental implants? 

Blake Dental wants you to get the most out of your implant treatment, which is why we only offer it to patients who are likely to have successful results. This means that whilst most patients can have this kind of restoration, sometimes there are reasons it may not be suitable for a small number of individuals. 

Where possible and appropriate, we can discuss bone grafts, lifestyle changes and other measures to help prepare you for the minor surgery needed to place dental implants. If they cannot be placed at all, we can discuss the next best options available to you so that you can restore your smile in a different way. 

Why choose Blake Dental for dental implants? 

We are very proud to offer dental implants for our patients because we have worked hard to make sure we only offer an A* treatment of this kind.

We invest in the best equipment, diagnostics, team and care to ensure the results you get are excellent and without compromise. 

What is involved in your dental implant journey?

  • The first step is visiting our friendly clinic for a consultation. We can then get to know your smile goals, examine your gums, teeth and oral tissues, and complete any necessary diagnostics. 
  • It may be at this stage we suggest certain treatments or lifestyle changes to ensure you are in the best possible shape for implant treatment. This will all be part of a transparent plan that we discuss with you, including costs and time involved. 
  • Further more detailed diagnostics may also be ordered as part of the treatment planning. 
  • Following any intermediary treatment we will then schedule implant placement. This takes place with complete numbing of the area using the latest local anaesthetics. If you require sedation please discuss that with us during your consultation. 
  • After placement your implants will need to heal, which can take a few months. This process is called osseo-integration where the implant bonds firmly with the jaw bone.
  • We will check in on your progress and offer lots of advice on caring for the implants throughout the process of healing.
  • Once the implants have totally healed we will complete the treatment and finish the restoration, advising you on implant aftercare so that your new smile lasts for many years to come. 

Your next steps to a brand new smile

Here at Blake Dental we are pleased to offer high-quality dental implant treatment with excellent success rates.

Why not call our friendly team today on 01376 501688 to arrange your consultation with us?

Your journey to a brand new smile and improved confidence is just a quick call away!

See how we can transform your smile!

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