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Beautiful Straight Teeth For A Confident Smile

Blake Dental provides excellent teeth straightening treatments for all suitable ages, with a wide variety of discreet and affordable options to suit every patient. 

We achieve complex straightening transformations using the industry leading system, Invisalign, as well as trusted alternatives for minor alterations. We help patients just like you to avoid traditional braces, instead, achieving new smiles with user-friendly, discreet treatments. 

If you have always wanted to correct your misaligned teeth, we can help you with high-quality solutions and accessible payment options. 

Why Have Teeth Straightening?

One of the main reasons that patients choose teeth straightening is for aesthetic reasons. A beautiful smile is associated with straight teeth, and our treatments achieve just that. Additionally we offer well-paired options such as teeth whitening, or composite bonding to complete your new smile. 

There are additional benefits to teeth straightening that relate to the health of the teeth and gums too. When you have misaligned teeth it can be really challenging to properly clean in and around them. This can cause cavities, gum disease and other problems. 

Crooked teeth can result in more wear and tear because the bite is not correct, which can eventually result in dental pain, jaw pain, enamel erosion and even weakening of the teeth. 

When you have teeth straightening, you have a much better ability to chew, talk and clean your teeth with ease, all whilst benefiting from the confidence of having a stunning, straight smile. 

Invisalign At Blake Dental

We’re proud to use Invisalign at Blake Dental, the leading teeth straightening solution with guaranteed results.

The programme uses discreet, almost invisible trays that are comfortable, and can be removed for dental cleaning and when eating meals. 

With different, bespoke trays every few weeks to help the teeth gently move into place, the desired position is eventually reached. At this stage we will discuss how to use retainers to maintain your beautiful new smile. 

Before Treatment
After Treatment

Key Benefits Of Invisalign:

  • Safe
  • Easy to take out
  • Almost completely invisible
  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene
  • Painless
  • Quick


  • Non-invasive
  • Proven results 
  • Safe for children, adolescents and adults 
  • No need to adjust your diet
  • Minimal visits to the treatment room


Alternative Teeth Straightening Methods

In the case that Invisalign is not suitable, we have a range of alternative straightening options that can provide you with comparably excellent results achieved using a slightly different method. 

Is a crooked smile holding you back? Your journey to a straighter smile is just a short step away so please call the Blake Dental team on 01376 501688 to enquire about your options and to book a consultation.

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