Sedation for nervous and anxious dental patients

Feeling nervous or anxious about attending for a dental appointment is not uncommon. Some studies suggest that more than half of the UK population suffer with some form of fear or anxiety when visiting their dentist.

For many people, this fear and anxiety is mild meaning that they can find it unsettling to have a dental heath check. If they require dental treatment, this can cause more anxiety or nervousness, sometimes even for patients who do not have issues with attending for regular dental health checks. For a significant minority of people who are acutely dental phobic, the negative feelings can be so strong that it stops them from going to the dentist at all.

In more recent years, the strong link between your dental health and your overall health has been increasingly researched and proven. Not dealing with infection in your body is clearly not good for your health and having to cope with sensitivity and dental pain on a regular basis is not good for your mental health.

We all know that we should attend dental appointments regularly and that not doing so can have severe consequences for dental and oral health. The negative effects of not attending the dentist include discolouration, plaque build-up, gum disease, bad breath, toothache, infections, abscesses and loss of teeth. Regular dental care means that issues are picked up early and can be dealt with using less invasive and less expensive dental treatments.

We have many patients who recommend us to other nervous or anxious friends, family members and colleagues. This can be as a Google Review, Facebook Review or on local/community Facebook groups.

## HIGHLY RECOMMEND ## New owners are amazing

I have been to dentists in and out of witham due to having a massive fear of the dentist, I was always trying to find somewhere who listens, understands my anxiety and tries their best to help, this dentist has everything lovely atmosphere, lovely receptionist, the dentist and dental nurse is sooo lovely very professional but kind and caring, so worth travelling too! So glad I moved to this one I really mean it :)

Your appointment with us

At Blake Dental, we regularly deal with nervous and anxious patients who come to us following recommendations from a friend or family member, after reading our Google Reviews, recommendations from a local Facebook group or after reading this information on our website. Following an appointment with us, nervous and anxious patients break their preconceptions and forget previous negative dental experiences to become regular attenders with us.

We can take many steps to make your visit more comfortable with us. On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly and welcoming receptionists who will chat away with you to help you feel relaxed and at home with us. We have displays above the dental chair to help move your focus away from any negative focus. You can agree a hand signal with your clinician to let them know when itโ€™s becoming too much for you or listen to music with headphones whilst having dental treatment or a clean with our hygienist. If you do feel anxious or nervous before an appointment, we would also recommend treating yourself after attending a dental appointment as further positive reinforcement.

Contact us now to book in for your first dental health check with us. Please tell us that you are nervous or anxious about attending and we will talk through how we can help. Congratulations on taking this first step toward a healthier future!

Dental Phobia certified

We understand the challenges that many people face when it comes to visiting the dentist and having dental treatment. We are recognised as a certified Phobia Certified Dentist as we provide a range of dedicated services to anxious, nervous and dental phobic patients. The effective strategies that we use to help you conquer your fears include a โ€˜no pressureโ€™ approach to treatment, listening to our patientsโ€™ needs and concerns, offering sedation dentistry and providing comfortable solutions such as digital scanning instead of dental impression-taking.

Dr Katie Blake, the Practice Owner and Principal Dentist, is our Dental Phobia lead dentist but all our dentists can provide relaxed and comfortable dentistry including dental sedation. From the first time you speak to a member of our reception team on the phone or come to the practice, you will have a relaxed and comfortable experience. This continues through every part of your dental treatment and after care experience.

DentalPhobia Certified

Dr Katie Blake is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

I would hugely recommend Cairn Brae dental practice. I have been petrified of the dentist since a young age and the Dentists and staff at this practice were very professional caring knowlegable thoughtful and really excelled in making me feel at ease. It's the first time I have been to the dentist on my own in 44 years. That's how good this practice is!! I would highly recommend this practice to everyone.

It's the best dentist I have ever been to and have actually overcome my fear of going which really says it all. So if your petrified nervous or just need a new dentist this is the practice for you.


For patients who need dental treatment and feel very nervous or anxious about having this done, we have options to make this experience easier for you. After sedation, you will need to do very little for the rest of the day whilst the medication wears off. It is important that you do not drive yourself to or from a sedation appointment, make any big decisions or return to work that day.

Oral Sedation

Using Oral Sedation, we can make you feel comfortable and relaxed by giving you a tablet that you can take the night before or the morning of your appointment with us. Your dentist will tell you the best time of day to take it depending on the medication they have prescribed and the time of your appointment. This is a mild form of sedation and is suitable for patients who are only a little nervous or anxious about their upcoming appointment.

Conscious Sedation

We offer Conscious Sedation to patients who want to feel fully relaxed and at ease during their dental treatment. At Blake Dental, we bring in a doctor (anaesthetist) who comes to the practice and administers a higher dose of sedatives to you. A doctor can give a highly effective mixture of sedatives to provide the best experience to our patients, unlike a dentist who has completed additional training in sedation.

Cairn Brae Dental practice was recommended. I wanted implants with sedation. As an extremely nervous patient I was welcomed and put at ease on every visit. The procedure was explained and all my fears and worries were worked out together on each and every visit. I had 5 implants put in. I can say honestly that it was not painful when the initial screws were put in. Overall it took just under 6 months for the work to be completed. I canโ€™t thank all the staff enough. After years of being unable to chew food properly or have the confidence to laugh and smile, I am now able to lead a normal life. My teeth look normal. You canโ€™t tell the difference between the old teeth and the new teeth next to each other. I am on their NHS waiting list. I recommend this practice unreservedly. I am very satisfied.


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