Dental Check-Ups and Routine Dentistry

Here at Blake Dental preventative dentistry is at the heart of what we do. We’re passionate about helping the whole family maintain healthy, strong teeth and gums for life.Β 

We are pleased to offer regular check-ups that are thorough and informative, so you feel on top of your oral health after every visit to our friendly surgery. We also provide fillings, extractions, hygiene services and root canal treatments with the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our focus, though, is an emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis to minimise any need for treatment.Β 

From dental care during pregnancy, to baby’s first appointment, regular check-ups and later life oral health support - we’re here to help ensure the whole family has strong, happy, healthy smiles for life.Β 

Our Dental Health Checks

We generally recommend that you visit us for a check-up every six months so that we can complete a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and oral health. However this can vary based on your individual risk of decay and poor gum health.

It’s also a good chance to discuss any problems you may have been having with your teeth and gums, or any new smile goals that you have and how we might go about achieving them.Β 

What to expect from a check-up at Blake Dental:

  • A chat about any new medical changes or medication changes you may have
  • A chat about your general oral health and any issues you have had recently
  • A thorough assessment of your teeth, gums and oral tissues
  • A visual oral cancer check
  • Existing dental restorations checked
  • X-rays and other diagnostics completed
  • If relevant, diagnosis of any issues discussed or found along with a suggested treatment/action plan

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What Happens If I Need A Filling?

A filling is sometimes needed when a tooth has decayed or been damaged to the point where it is weak and extra work is required to give it more strength. If you need a filling, we will gently provide local anaesthetic to ensure you feel comfortable. We will then remove the decay and fill the tooth with a dental grade material that is carefully sculpted to maintain your bite. This will help to strengthen your natural tooth and helps avoid any further damage and decay.Β 

Pain-Free Dental Extractions

Here at Blake Dental we will do everything we can to save a natural tooth. However, after certain injuries, infection or disease sometimes an extraction is necessary. If that is the case we can often prepare for it, with appropriate tooth replacement options discussed and planned to help create a smooth transition.Β 

In all cases, when the extraction does occur we will ensure that local anaesthetic is used carefully, so that you do not feel pain during the procedure. Aftercare advice is also provided to avoid infection and encourage the extraction site to heal well.Β 

Professional Hygienist Services To Support Your Oral Health

As part of our general dentistry service, we also offer regular oral hygiene support from our dedicated hygiene team. They carry out professional teeth cleaning that removes recent surface stains, plaque and tartar build-up. They also support gum disease treatment plans or maintenance, and offer bespoke advice to help you maintain the best possible oral hygiene routine at home.

If you are based in the Witham area and looking for excellent general dentistry for you and the whole family, the team at Blake Dental will be delighted to help. Please contact our friendly reception team on 01376 501688 for more information.

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